Using Mailmodo, you can set an automated trigger for journeys when there is a change in value of a contact’s property. 

For example - Use this trigger when your contacts have a property called Billing Plan and the value changed from FREE PLAN to PAID PLAN. 

Key steps - 

1. Create a new journey.

2. Select ‘Change in property of a contact’ as the trigger.

3. Select the contact property from the dropdown. 

For example - If the Property name is Billing Plan then the selected property should be ‘Billing Plan’ 

4. Add respective values in the FROM OLD VALUE input field and TO NEW VALUE input field. 

If the change in value is from FREE PLAN to PAID PLAN then the input value in the FROM OLD VALUE should be FREE PLAN and the input value in the TO NEW PLAN should be PAID PLAN. 

In case you don’t want to set the exact value of the change, select ‘is any value’ in the operator and it will set the journey running for change in the contact’s property to anything. 

5.  In the next drop down, Select All contacts if you want to trigger the journey for change in contact property of any contact, or select a particular list or a static segment if you want to trigger the journey to change in contact property to only the contacts belonging to them

6.  Design the complete journey and click on the Publish button. 

The journey being published would mean that the journey is running and is waiting for the new contacts whose property value would change.