Using Mailmodo, you can set an automated trigger for journeys when a contact gets added to a list. 

For example - Use this trigger when you have a new users list and want to send welcome emails to a new customer. 

Key steps:

Step 1: Create a new journey.

Step 2: Select ‘Contact added to a list’ as the trigger.

Step 3: Select the list from the dropdown.

Step 4: Click on the checkbox to enroll existing contacts of the list into the journey. 

This means that the journey would run for all the existing contacts as per current date and time and for the contacts who would get added to the list in future. 

Step 5: Design the complete journey and click on the Publish button. 

Journey being published would mean that the journey is running for the existing contacts if selected and is waiting for the new contacts to get added in the list.