To trigger transactional Campaign in Mailmodo through your software stack via Pipedream, follow these



1. Designed a Webhook triggered Campaign

2. An account on Pipedream

1. Creating a New Workflow to trigger the above campaign in Mailmodo whenever a row in appended in your Google Sheet

Step 1: On the Pipedream dashboard, click on 'Workflows→New'

Step 2: Since the trigger event will be addition of a row in your Google Sheets, in the trigger tab, choose Google Sheets


Step 3: In the Trigger Event section, choose New Row Added (Instant).


Step 4:  Select the Google Sheets account you want to use. If don’t have an account linked with Pipedream, click on ‘Connect new account’ and choose.


Step 5:  Select the Spreadsheet and Worksheet to be used to create the trigger, and click on ‘Create Source’


Step 6: Event section will display all rows in the Workbook as New Events. Select one of the Event and click ’Continue’


2. Add a Step to generate webhook trigger

Step 1:  In the App tab, search/click on HTTP/Webhook.


Step 2:  select on the ‘Send POST request’ to send webhook trigger


Step 3
:  Configure the Webhook URL and body (get these details from Mailmodo campaign Trigger tab). Map the Key with the value from Spreadsheet data.


From Campaign dashboard in Mailmodo:


Step 4:  Click ‘Test’ to send a test Campaign on selected email ID. Click ‘Deploy’  to activate the workflow.