You can set up transactional campaigns in Mailmodo, triggered by form responses recorded in Facebook lead forms.  


Here is the step by step process to integrate Facebook Lead Forms with Mailmodo-

How to create a transactional campaign in Mailmodo?

Step 1- Go to templates from the vertical menu on the left side. Click on create new template.

Step 2- Either select a blank template or a pre made template

Step 3-  Use the editor to edit the template. Save and rename the template upon completion.  After saving, click on the back arrow.

You will be redirected to the template library. The saved template should be visible here.

Step 4-  Go to Transactional from the vertical menu on the left. Click on New Transactional Campaign.

Step 5- Select the template you saved before. Click on Next.

Step 6- Add Subject line, Pre header Text, From Name and Reply to Email. Select sender email. Click on Next.

Step 7- You will be redirected to trigger on events. Select Facebook Lead Ads from list of platforms.

Step 8- Click on Activate Integration to connect the account with Mailmodo.

Step 9 - Enter your Facebook account credentials to complete the authentication.

Step 10 -Once your account is authenticated, click 'Next'

Step 11 - In the pop up, select your facebook page and the lead form (please make sure to have the email field in the form).

Step 12 - A recent lead will be loaded. If it doesn't, please create a sample lead from the following URL: < >

Step 13 - Map the personalisation with the data labels in the lead form and enable the trigger.

Step 14- If you have a business account, then you need to add Mailmodo as a CRM in Leads Access.

Note: The trigger can be paused anytime by clicking on the 'Pause' button