Trigger campaigns are emails which will be triggered by user actions. For eg. A new user signs up on your platform, they will be sent a welcome email. You can create a journey/workflow on Mailmodo or any other CRM you use. Trigger actions are typically a part of these journeys. 

Triggered emails are an effective tool for you to build a relationship with your customers. They need only be set up once, after which everything is an automated flow. In this article, we will cover the stepwise process of setting up (and testing) a trigger email campaign.  

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How to set up a Trigger campaign?

Step 1Click on the Transactional icon on the sidebar. Then, click on New Transactional Campaign in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Select an email template from Saved Templates (or upload one from the Upload Templates tab). Click Next.

Step 3 Create the header by adding your Campaign NameSubject line and Pre-header Text.  You can also personalise the subject line, by clicking on the ‘Personalisation’ option. 

Preview the header in the right-side inbox preview. Enter the sender address you wish to use and a reply address. Click Next.

Step 4Select a platform to set up a trigger campaign on certain actions or events recorded in your platform.

Click on Next.

Step 5Review and test your campaign. To test, click on send test campaign->enter email ID->send test email.

Once tested and reviewed, click on enable campaign.

(For campaigns with personalisation, check details of personalised fields. Click ‘Change’ to make corrections)

(You can also see the form responses under the ‘Submission’ tab)

Step 6With your campaign setup all complete, click on Enable Campaign. This activates the campaign so it will be sent in response to trigger events.   

Step 7: Next, a Webhook URL will be generated. Use this webhook URL in your desired platform. The campaign will be triggered based on actions or events recorded in your platform.

The other tabs in this window give you an overview of your campaign. Different user activities are recorded and you can track your campaign progress over time.  

You can check our trigger campaign guide for supported platforms here

NoteOur typical sending speed is 20 emails/sec for Mailmodo SMTP and 12 emails/sec for AWS SMTP.