Segmenting contact lists allows you to divide your contacts into groups on the basis of specific, shared characteristics. This lets you create a target audience and makes sure your campaign reaches the right demographic. 

Here is our definitive guide to audience segmentation.

This article takes you through the process of segmenting your contact lists based on ‘Campaign Activity’. Eg. whether the user has opened a campaign, or submitted a form.

Step 1: Go to the Contacts Page

Step 2: Click on Create Segment

Step 3: You can start from scratch or choose from prebuilt segments. Let us create a segment from scratch.

Step 4: Enter the name of your choice in the Name Segment field

Step 5: Use All Contacts or choose contacts of your choice to Segment from the Choose contacts to segment dropdown

Step 6: Choose Dynamic or Static Segment as per your requirement in the Select segment type section

Step 7: Choose Campaign Activity in the Select Condition drop down inside the Create Conditions section

Step 8In the next field, select the specific campaign activity from amongst sent, opened, clicked, and form submitted. For example, "User has opened"

Step 9: Choose the campaign(s) whose user activity you want to evaluate.

For certain choices, there may be an extra field where you need to specify a time frame on which the campaign activity is applicable. 

Step 10Use the ‘+Add’ or ‘+Or’ options to add more conditions in a similar way

Step 11: Click ‘Create Segment’. The segmented contact list will appear in your contacts.