Importing contacts into Mailmodo via CSV is a quick and efficient way to add multiple contacts to your email marketing campaign. 

With this option, you can easily upload a CSV file containing contact information, such as email addresses, names, and other user properties, and use it to build a targeted and personalized email campaign. 

Importing contacts via CSV helps to save time, minimize errors, and enable segmentation and personalization, allowing you to improve your email marketing efforts and better engage with your audience.

How it works

Step 1: Navigate to the Contacts section and Click on the Add Contacts button.

Step 2: Select Import from CSV from the Add Contacts dropdown

Step 3: Create a new list or select an existing list for adding the contacts you're uploading via the CSV

Step 4: Upload your CSV file by clicking on the Browse files button and Click on Map columns. Checkout to the sample CSV using the Download Sample CSV option for better understanding. Please note that 

  • The file must have email address and contact properties arranged as one per column.
  • The first row of the CSV shouldn't be empty.
  • The file shouldn't have more than 100 columns.

Step 5: Map the columns in the CSV to the corresponding contact properties in Mailmodo. Please note that email address is mandatory and all mappings must be unique. You can use Create new option to create a new property that's not in the dropdown. Also, you can choose to not import any column using the Do not import column option. 

Step 6: Review your imported contacts to ensure that the mapping is correct and Click on the Import Contacts button to complete the process. The imported list will be available in the Segments and lists tab for further usage. 

Overall, using the import via CSV option to import contacts into Mailmodo is a simple and effective way to streamline your email marketing efforts and improve your targeting and personalization capabilities.