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Schedule campaign using send time optimization

Last updated May 7, 2024

Send time optimization (aka STO) feature can be used to send bulk campaigns to your audience at the time they are most likely to engage. It analyzes data from your previous campaigns at Mailmodo to determine the optimal time to send emails to each contact. This increases the likelihood of the email being opened and clicked, resulting in a higher engagement rate.

What to Keep in Mind

  1. The send time optimization feature is only applicable when using Mailmodo SMTP to send emails. 
  2. Not recommended for time-sensitive campaigns: If you need to send an email urgently or at a specific time, it is best to use the regular scheduling options.
  3. It might take some time to initiate a send-time-optimized campaign. So, please schedule at least an hour before
  4. Not recommended for new Mailmodo users as there may not be enough campaign data to analyze the best time to send emails.

To enable send time optimization in Mailmodo, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Campaign section and create your usual bulk campaign. 

Schedule campaign using send time optimization

Step 2: Choose your template, add campaign details, and select your audience to arrive at the 'Review and Send' Page. Choose the 'Schedule' option.

Schedule campaign using send time optimization

Please note - Send time optimization is not available for A/B test campaigns

Step 3: The 'Send Time Optimization' option will be selected by default. Add the start date and time for your campaign. Start time is when your STO campaign is scheduled to start

Schedule campaign using send time optimization

Step 4: Click on Schedule campaign and Mailmodo will send emails to your contacts when they are most likely to engage.


Que: How does Mailmodo determine the best time to send the email?

Ans: Maimodo computes the preferred time for an individual contact in the following manner - aggregating all the campaign activity data for the last 60 days. Mailmodo aggregates the campaign activity data by hour within a day to determine the most active time of contact. For e.g. 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM, 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, etc.

Que: How does the STO scheduling work?

Ans: Contacts with past engagement history on Mailmodo will be allotted a preferred time slot, say 10 AM. Once your campaign is STO scheduled for a particular time, emails will be sent in a 24hrs window from the start time. Contacts with preferred times will be sent emails in that window around their respective preferred time slot. Those having no preferred time will be sent an email once the STO window ends i.e. after 24hrs of the start time.

For instance, if the start date and time is 4 pm, 1st April, All contacts with ‘Preferred time’ will be sent an email in a 24 hrs window starting 4 pm, 1st April to 4 pm, 2nd April at the start of each time slot. If no preferred time data is present for any contact, emails will be sent at the end i.e. 4 pm, 2nd April.

Que: Is send time optimization available for all Mailmodo plans?

Ans: Yes, send time optimization is available only on selected Mailmodo plans. Check the  pricing page  for more details.

Use the search bar in our  Help Center  to find quick guides and walkthroughs. If you have any queries, then reach out to us via the chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen while using Mailmodo. Or reach out to us at  Mailmodo Support  and share your thoughts at  Mailmodo Product Feedback. 

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