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How to Send an Shopify Order Confirmation Campaign

Last updated February 5, 2024


This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Order Confirmation Email Flow, a crucial component of the post-purchase customer experience on Shopify. By creating this automated flow, you can provide customers with order details, build trust, and potentially encourage additional engagement or reviews.

Creating an order confirmation flow from scratch:

Step 1: Go to the “Journeys” tab and click on the “Create journey” button 

How to Send an Shopify Order Confirmation Campaign

Step 2: Click on “Start from scratch” card 

How to Send an Shopify Order Confirmation Campaign

Step 3: Choose the trigger

Select “Shopify Activity” as the journey trigger from the options

How to Send an Shopify Order Confirmation Campaign

You can trigger the Order Confirmation Email Flow using Shopify's "Placed Order" activity event. Here's how it works:

  • Placed Order Event: This event is automatically triggered when a customer successfully places an order on your Shopify store.

The Order Confirmation Email Flow is automatically initiated when an order is placed, ensuring that customers receive timely and accurate confirmation emails.

Step 4: Add Emails using the “Send Campaign” block

Ensure that the email is personalized with the customer's name and order details. You need to send this email immediately after the customer places the order so no need to add time delay blocks in this flow.

Prebuilt Order Confirmation Flow by Mailmodo

At Mailmodo, we provide a prebuilt order confirmation Flow that you can readily use. Users have the flexibility to modify this flow by changing the trigger, email content, or timing to suit their specific needs and brand identity.

You can access this flow in the “Journeys” section of your account. 

Read through the details of this journey and click on the “Use this journey” butto

Emails to Include and How They Should Look:

You must include the following details in your template:

  • Order number
  • Product details
  • Shipping information
  • Billing information

Make sure you add personalization parameters in the template while adding order details and product details. This will help you to map the parameters to the exact order when you use this template in the flow.

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