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Understanding Email Click Maps in Mailmodo

Last updated May 8, 2024

What is an email click map?

Email clickmaps provide valuable insights into how your email recipients interact with the links within your emails. With Mailmodo click map, you can easily visualize and analyze the click activity to understand which links are most engaging to your audience. This guide will walk you through the process of accessing and interpreting clickmaps in Mailmodo.

How to access Email Click Maps? 

  1. Select any specific campaign you want to analyze for click engagement. 
  2. Click on the "Clickmaps" tab. You will be able to see the link performance as well as the preview of your email template.

Email Clickmaps are not available for Uploaded templates as well as for the templates that have no links. 

How to read an email click map?

The Click maps provide a unique single view of your metrics and your email template. On the left, you will see the links that you have used in your emails and the associated metrics. On the right, you will be able to see the template preview. 

Understanding Email Click Maps in Mailmodo

If you use the same link multiple times, we track that as well and provide you detailed insights. 

In the e.g. below we have used the Mailmodo link 3 times in the template and you can always see how each placement of that link performed by clicking on the "See details". 

Understanding Email Click Maps in Mailmodo

Why should you use email click maps? 

Understanding the data provided by click maps can help you optimize your email campaigns. If certain links are not receiving many clicks, you can consider adjusting their placement or enhancing their visibility to encourage more interaction. 

With link placement tracking (check above gif), i.e. same link if present at multiple places in the template would be tracked easily, you can experiment with various layouts, CTAs, and content to optimize your campaigns.

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