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About Mailmodo

Last updated January 4, 2024

Mailmodo is an email marketing platform focused on bringing the interactive experience via the     AMP framework     to emails. It allows businesses across industries (i.e., EdTech, eCommerce, Hospitality, etc.) and customer types (B2B, B2C, Enterprise, Start-Ups, etc. to create emails with web page-like interactivity right inside the user inbox, thereby increasing engagement and conversions multifold.

Who can use the Mailmodo Platform?

Marketers: Marketers can use Mailmodo to send promotional campaigns and converse with customers via rich, personalized content & interactive experiences throughout their lifecycle.

Product Managers & Developers: Product Managers and Developers can use Mailmodo to send transactional updates and drive engagement for their products & services via inline actions inside emails. 

Use cases for interactive emails

Given below are primary use cases for which businesses can build emails apps:

  • Data Collection - NPS feedback, survey, product reviews, webinar registration, lead generation, etc
  • Information Dissemination & Content Consumption - Newsletter, quizzes, charts, gift cards, live widgets, etc
  • Transaction & Commerce - Confirm order, book a service, payment, etc
  • Process Automation & Workflows - Discount approval, access request, lead assignment, etc

To know more about different use cases for interactive emails, check out     Mailmodo's Website    

Benefits of Mailmodo Platform

Given below are key benefits of the Mailmodo platform:

Email Creation

It is the core of the Mailmodo platform. Mailmodo makes it super easy for marketers and developers to create interactive emails saving a lot of time and cost for businesses.

  1. No code editor to create interactive emails with personalized and dynamic content on the fly.
  2. Start from scratch or reuse pre-built templates from the library
  3. Out-of-box widgets available to create interactive UI
  4. Work with us to get custom widgets and templates created specifically for your needs

User Management & Segmentation

Mailmodo provides necessary tools to help customers know their audience and turn data into insights to shape campaigns and drive results.

  1. Import contacts from multiple sources with ease (CSV upload, API, CRMs, etc)
  2. View and manage contact information all in one place
  3. Create new segments using personal attributes, behavioral data, and campaign activities
  4. Export your contact profile information & activities to external systems

Campaign Management & Email Automation

Mailmodo enables businesses to create personalized marketing automation workflow without burning the midnight oil.

  1. Setup multiple promotional and transactional campaigns in a few simple clicks
  2. Visual journey builder to help you design user journey maps with drag and drop
  3. Create personalized journeys using conditional logic and branching points.
  4. Optimize campaign performance with A/B testing, personalization, and intelligent suggestions 
  5. Trigger email campaign and customer journey from an external system via API

Analytics & Dashboard

Mailmodo provides all reports in a single dashboard to help businesses view and analyze their campaign performance.

  1. Track campaign performance & customer journey updates in easy-to-digest reports
  2. Export your campaign data into an external system for deeper analytics

Integration & Customization 

Mailmodo allows customers to connect the platform with their favorite apps

  1. Use Mailmodo’s SMTP or add your own ESP provider for sending emails
  2. Out-of-box integrations are available with multiple 3rd party applications to send real-time customer data, retrieve data from your account and trigger emails
  3. Rich set of APIs is available for developers to send real-time customer data, retrieve data from your account and trigger emails

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