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Check email form responses/submissions

Last updated December 25, 2023

The responses of the form designed in the email template get stored in the submission tab of the analytics dashboard for every campaign.

Here are the steps to navigate to the 'submissions' section of a campaign.

Step 1: Once you send a campaign, you get redirected to the campaign dashboard. 

If you wish to visit this page in the future, click on campaigns->select desired campaign.

Check email form responses/submissions

Step 2: In the campaign dashboard, you can check the total number of submissions in a template.

If you wish to check each response, you can 

check the 'Submissions' tab present in the top menu.

Check email form responses/submissions

Step 3: In order to check the overall insights of the form submissions in percentages and bar graphs, you can check the 'Insights' section.

Check email form responses/submissions

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