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Add contact to list using Suretriggers

Last updated February 8, 2024

SureTriggers integration with Mailmodo allows you to:

Pre-requisites: To carry out the aforementioned functions, you need to first integrate SureTriggers with Mailmodo. To do that, follow the steps mentioned in  Mailmodo-SureTrigger Integration .

Note: We have used Google Form as starting trigger in SureTriggers, but user can choose their own.

Step by step guide for adding contacts in Mailmodo using SureTriggers

Step 0

Having the following things ready before starting on the workflow.

  • Create a google form and submit a response.
Add contact to list using Suretriggers
  • In Mailmodo,  create a contact list  for the purpose of adding contacts from SureTriggers or keep in mind which preexisting list you would prefer for this purpose.  
Add contact to list using Suretriggers

Step 1

Login to SureTriggers, click on ‘Create Workflows’ and give a name to the workflow, and click on  ‘Start Building’.

First look after opening SureTriggers

Step 2: Adding Trigger

add trigger dashboard
  • Click on ‘Add Trigger’, search for ‘Google Form’ and select it.
  • Under ‘Select Event’ select ‘New Form Responses’.
  • Under ‘Select Connection’ either the user can choose a preexisting connection or ‘Create New Connection.
  • To ‘Create New Connection’ follow the following steps:
  • Choose the Google account from which the form can be accessed
  • Click on ‘Continue’
  • Choose ‘Select all’ for what SureTriggers can access and click on ‘Continue’,
  • Connection will be formed successfully
  • Copy paste the form edit link (form should be from the same account chosen above).
  • Note: The URL which is visible while creating the form is the edit link.
  • Under Test Connection & Data click on ‘Fetch Data’.
Add contact to list using Suretriggers
  • Click on ‘Save’.

Step 3: Adding Action

Update Action with event, connection and list to be used
  • Click on Add button, search Mailmodo and select it.
  • Under ‘Event’ select ‘Add Contact to List’.
  • Under ‘Connection’ select either a preexisting connection or ‘ Create New Connection ’.
  • Under ‘List’ choose one of the list from dropdown menu.
  • Under ‘Email’, type @ and select the column having email addresses (will be shown as result from trigger testing above) which you want to add in Mailmodo contact list. You can perform the same for other columns as well, such as First Name, Last Name, etc.
  • Click on ‘Test Action'. The name will be added to contact list in Mailmodo.
test action successful.png
Add contact to list using Suretriggers
  • Click ’Save

Step 4

Click on ‘Publish’ button and the workflow will become ‘active’.

add contact_active status.png

Now that contacts are added in Mailmodo, you can start a  campaign  or  journey  to reach out and connect with your audience.


Q) Will the test connection be successful while testing Google forms if there is no response submitted?

A) Yes, it will be successful, because testing is just to check whether data can be fetched from the form. It will create test data of it’s own for that purpose.

Q) What is ‘Conditions’ tab beside ‘Action’ tab while adding actions? How to use it?

A) ‘Conditions’ is used to define parameters based on which you can skip the particular action you are using. You can watch the below gif to get some basic idea about how it works.

Recording 2024-01-30 074740.gif

Additional Resources

If you face any problem then reach out to us at  Mailmodo Support  or share your thoughts at  Mailmodo Product Feedback .

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