In Mailmodo you can set up a journey based on changes in the membership of a segment.
Journeys can be triggered for contacts entering or leaving a segment.

This feature will be useful to set automation for use cases like :  

a. Triggering a win-back journey to contacts who have not purchased any product or who have not opened your emails in the last 60 days.

b. Trigger loyalty program journey to users who have submitted a form in your feedback emails more than twice in the last 60days or attended more than 3 events in the past 2 months.

c. Trigger automated product recommendation campaigns for users who have purchased product X in the last 30 days for cross-selling / upselling

d. Triggering a journey for a user who has logged into the platform at least 5 times in the last 30 days.

Mailmodo supports creating segments based on ‘User property’, ‘Campaign Activity’, ‘Custom Events’, ‘Shopify Activity’, etc. You can know more about the segment here.

To set up a journey based on segment membership trigger follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on ‘Create journey’ on the journey page

Step 2: Select ‘Contact enters or leaves a segment ‘ as a trigger.

Step 3: Now choose ‘Contact enters a segment’ or ‘Contact leaves a segment’ based on your use case. Also, in the drop-down choose the segment for which you wish to check the memberhsip to trigger journey. Once done, click on ‘Save’. Please note that once journey is published this cannot be changed.

Step 4: Choose any action card and design your flow. Click on ‘Publish’ button.


Once the journey is published, new contacts matching the trigger condition will get automatically enrolled in the journey. 

Note : 
Depending upon the no of contacts you have in the system, it might take up to 60 minutes for users to be enrolled in the journey once the contacts meet the segment conditions.

Step 5: After publishing, the journey will go into ‘processing’ stage first for checking existing segment membership and a few minutes later the status will be set as ‘running’. Users will start getting enrolled in the journey once the journey moves to ‘running’ state.