Users can connect their Salesforce account with Mailmodo to sync lists and contacts.



Let’s follow the steps to directly import data from Salesforce.  


Step 1 :-  In your Mailmodo account, navigate to the Integrations tab to connect the Salesforce account.


Step 2 :- Click on ‘Click to authenticate’  in the Salesforce box and connect to your Logged in Salesforce account. 



Step 3 :- Your contacts syncing would be started automatically once the connection is established. Click on see details to check the status.


 Once the connection gets established, all the contacts and lists would be imported and would still be connected to your Salesforce account. 


 This connection would make sure that when a new contact gets added to your Salesforce account, it would be automatically fetched in the Mailmodo account as well. 


Note :- Mailmodo runs a check and auto sync once a day at 12 AM on (GMT+5:30 timezone) to add all the new contacts from your Salesforce account.