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November 2023; New features in Mailmodo

Last updated January 17, 2024

We are excited to share new updates in our product that'll help you improve your email journeys and campaigns.

Mailmodo for Shopify is here to drive higher revenue

We have now enhanced our existing integration with Shopify, which means you can create journeys, segments, templates, etc. using activities done on your Shopify store. And it doesn't end there.

  • Exclusive prebuilt journeys for Shopify
  • Revenue attribution for every journey as well as for campaigns
  • Prebuilt customer segments and so much more..

 Learn more 

Shopify screen

Create fun games with our custom gamification widget

If you have been here for some time, you would know we typically provide a lot of fun games that people can play in the email, like spin-the-wheel, quizzes, etc. Now, with our custom gamification widget, you can create your own games and add them to your emails like the one shown below.

If you want some ideas to get started, we have added some games to our collection that you can use. You’ll find them in “Building Blocks” and in the “Gamification” section when you add a new interactive widget to your email.  Learn more 


Wait, there's more…

Fragmented scheduling can now be customized to send at specific time intervals for the timezone of your choice.

Download Center will show all the files any member of an account has requested to download (journey data, campaign date, etc.) in one place.

And that's all for this month, folks! We'll see you next month with more tips & updates. Let us know what you want to see in Mailmodo by sending us an email at  or share your feedback  here 

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