You can now view the email clients of your recipients for individual campaigns.

Use case

Different email clients will render your email differently. It is best to identify which email client is being used by your target audience and tailor your email design accordingly.

How to view Email Clients of individual campaigns?

Step 1Create and enable your campaign. Data will be recorded as and when recipients open the email. It is a good practice to wait long enough for your recipients to open the email. This will ensure significant amount of data is generated.

Step 2Navigate to campaigns/transactional tab from the vertical menu on the left. Select the campaign for which you want to view the email client data.

Scroll down (in the campaign dashboard) to view the email client data.

Interpreting data

Email client share= Number of unique recipients who opened the email on a particular email client/Number of unique recipients who have opened the email

In the below screenshot 67% of recipients opened the email in Gmail and 33% opened it in Apple Mail.

If the email is sent to 100 contacts and 60 contacts opened the email (i.e 60% open rate), then 40 contacts (67%) opened the email on Gmail and 20 contacts (33%) opened the email on Apple Mail.

Note- We use web beacon to track opens and email clients. Email client cannot be determined for recipients who have disabled images.