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Help CenterWhat's New2023July 2023; New features in Mailmodo

July 2023; New features in Mailmodo

Last updated February 21, 2024

We are excited to share new updates in our product that'll help you improve your journey and campaigns.

Generate email preheaders instantly using AI 

Now, along with generating catchy subject lines, our AI-powered tool also crafts engaging preheaders for your campaigns. It automatically reads your template’s content to generate these suggestions.

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July 2023; New features in Mailmodo

A/B test subject lines generated by AI

You can now A/B test subject lines created using our AI subject line generator. Leverage this to test which AI-generated subject line works well for your audience.

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A/B subject line generated using AI example

Search for anything across the platform from one place

Now, you can easily find anything you are looking for (feature, campaign, integration, help doc, etc) from anywhere on our platform using the new global search feature. 

Image of global search feature

Just click on the ❓ button at the bottom right corner or use the shortcut Ctrl + K (for Windows) or Cmd + K (for Mac) to open up the search window.

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Consolidate Multiple Connectors to a Node in the Journey

Simplify and streamline your journey workflow with our new update that allows you to consolidate multiple connectors into one node. Thus reducing clutter and making intricate journeys a breeze to manage.

Image of consolidating multiple connectors into one node

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Wait, there's more…

Analytics data can now be exported in a CSV format to provide you with insights you can use to make data-driven decisions.

Integrate with Mixpanel to export cohorts from it into Mailmodo and send them personalized campaigns.

And that's all for this month, folks! We'll see you next month with more tips & updates. Let us know what you want to see in Mailmodo by sending us an email at  or share your feedback  here .

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