Mailmodo allows integration from Integromat for three use cases.

  1. Export Responses from the email sent to users. (Refer guide)

  2. Send campaigns to particular contact ids.

  3. Upload contact ids in Mailmodo. (Refer guide)

  4. Trigger journeys in Mailmodo.

In this article we explain how to trigger journeys created in Mailmodo.

Prerequisites needed -

  • Your Integromat Account

  • Your Mailmodo Account

  • Complete designed Journey in Mailmodo

  • Google Sheet containing contact email ids

  • Get the Mailmodo invite by clicking on this link

Step 1Log on to the Integromat Account Dashboard and click on the ‘Create New Scenario’ button to set up the link between Google Sheet and Mailmodo.

Step 2Click on skip in the next window.

Step 3: Now you have the canvas open where you can make the connection happen. Click on the ‘Ball’ with the question mark to add Google Sheet as the module as shown below

Step 4: In the list of options in the popup, choose the ‘Watch Row’ option and the right spreadsheet name from the list of spreadsheets which comes after you click in the text field.

Step 5You need to connect the respective google account through which the google sheet’s connection would happen.

To add, click on Add and continue. The connection would take place after you allow the Integromat and Gmail to integrate by logging in through Gmail in this process.

Step 6: Choose the right sheet in the ‘sheet’ field. This field is basically the name of the sheet you would be wanting to push your data under the main spreadsheet.

Step 7: Complete the further options based on the data in the selected google sheet, if there are headers click on Yes, Select the row range you have the headers on.

Also, select the Limit according to the number of results that should be worked with during one execution cycle.

Step 8: Now, in the ‘Choose where to start’ option, you can select the options based on your data set in the google sheet.

If you want to start the cycle from a particular data, you can put it by selecting a specific id or choosing manually from the list.

Step 9: Now, you need to add a module by clicking on the ‘semi-circle ball’ on the right side of the main ‘ball’. After clicking it, search for ‘Mailmodo’ to add it as the module. Select Mailmodo and then ‘Trigger Journey’.

Step 10Next click on the add button in Connection. Set the Connection name field in ‘Create a connection’ pop-up.

Step 11Get the API Key of the campaign from Mailmodo and fill it in the ‘API key’ field here on integromat for connection to a particular campaign.

For this you need to go to the Integration Page and generate the API key by clicking on 'See Details' for Integromat. Now you would have to copy that API key and paste it in the Integromat’s API Key field.

Step 12 - Now in the email address option, you can choose the email address column from the list in the pop-up and add it there in the field.

Step 13 - In order to add the subject, you can directly write it down or if the subject is present in a row of the google sheet, just add that column name in the field.

Step 14 - Next you have to select the journey as listed in the drop-down list.

Step 15 - Lastly, Click on RUN ONCE to do the test run of the integration.

Now you have the integration up and ready to trigger journeys to users listed in the google sheet.