Once you create a Shopify journey, you can see its performance using the journey dashboard. You can also see the performance of each campaign within the journey with the help of the individual campaign dashboard. 

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The Journey Dashboard

Step 1 Click on the ‘Journey’ icon on the sidebar. Click on a particular journey and its dashboard will appear. 

The Summary tab gives you an overall idea of how your journey is performing.

Step 2 - If you want to see the performance of your journey over a particular period of time, enter the dates in the given calendar.

Step 3 - Click on ‘Download Orders’ and you will get the data on all orders placed in a .CSV file.

Campaign Dashboard

Step 1 - To see the campaign dashboard for your Shopify cart abandonment campaign, go to ‘Transactional’ and click on the campaign from the list of campaigns.

Step 2 - The Dashboard has a graphical presentation of your campaign’s performance over a period of time. You can specify a period of time using the calendar. 

The Dashboard also provides a Subject Line Analysis

Step 3 - Go to the User Data tab to find information on all user actions. 

Step 4 - The Submission tab has all the form responses from users, including users who did not place an order. These responses can be exported using the ‘Export Response’ button.