Shopify can be integrated with Mailmodo for the following use cases-

1. Abandoned Cart Journey

2. Product Recommendation Campaign

3. Order Confirmation Campaign

4. Reorder Campaign

To implement these use cases, you need to create a custom app in Shopify to Connect it with Mailmodo.

Note: Private apps on Shopify have been deprecated as of January 2022. New users need to create a custom app to integrate Shopify with Mailmodo.

Here is the step by step process to create a custom app in Shopify.

Step 1:- Log in to your Shopify store and navigate to the Apps section.

Step 2:-  In the Apps and sales channel settings, click on Develop Apps for your Store.

Allow Custom App Development.

Step 3- Once permission for custom app development is given, you would be able to see the app development page. Click on Create an App.

To access this page in the future, go to Apps from the  vertical dashboard on the left->Scroll to the bottom and click on Develop Apps for your store. Click on Create an App.

Step 4- Name your app. Default App developer would be your account name and email ID.

Click on Create App.

Step 5- App would be created. Click on Configure Admin API Scope.

You would be able to see Admin API Access Scope.

Step 6- Allow Read access to ‘Products’ and ‘Customers’ Options.

Step 7- Allow Read and Write access to ‘Orders’.

Step 8- Click on Save.

Step 9- Navigate to configuration. Configure Storefront API Integration.

Step 10- Give permissions to:

  • Read 'Products, Variants and Collections'
  • Read and Modify 'Customer Details' 
  • Read and Modify 'Checkouts' 
  • Read 'Content like articles, blogs and comments' from the list of options.

Step 11- Click on Save.

Step 12- Next, click on Install App.

A dialogue box will open, click on Install.

Once the app is installed, API credentials will be generated.

Step 13- Navigate to API credentials.  

Step 14- Click on the Reveal token once button to Copy the Admin API access token and Paste to your Mailmodo Shopify integration page as shown below

Step 15- Next, Copy the API Key and Paste it into your Mailmodo Shopify integration page as shown below.


Step 16- Click on Verify and Save to establish the integration and start the customer data syncing.
You will be prompted to the store details page. Upload the brand logo, add details and click on verify and save.

Once verified, your integration will be established and the customer data would start syncing. 

Step 17- After the Connection is established,

If you wish to use your Shopify Store Checkout in the payment settings. 

You would have to copy the generated Storefront API Access Token from Store front API section just below the Admin API access token.

And Paste the token in the Shopify Checkout Option in the Shopify Payment setup page in Mailmodo. 

Step 18- Click on Save and Exit to complete the setup. 

With this your store is fully integrated with Mailmodo. Your customers would be able to experience an app like store, right inside their inbox.