Automate your order confirmation email to your customers. The email would trigger to the customer's email address as soon as the order is received.

Here are the steps to set it up completely. 

Step 1: Click on Create Campaign.

Step 2: Edit the default template as per your requirements.

Step 3Go back to the integrations page and click on see details.

Step 4: Click again on 'Create Campaign' and Select the created template.

Step 5: Click on Add Campaign details to add the campaign name, subject and pre header of the campaign.

We have already added the Campaign details, you can edit based on your requirements.

Step 6: Click on Add Sender Details to add the sender settings. 

Step 7: Select your Sender email from the dropdown. 

Step 8: Add your Sender Name to help your customers identify the brand. 

Step 9: Add Reply to email as well, where you would like to receive the customer replies.

Step 10: Click on 'Test Campaign' to test campaign and the created template.

Step 11: Add emails in the text box in which you wish to receive the test email. 

You would receive a test email with a default product in your created template with the campaign details.

Step 12Once the test is complete, click on Publish campaign to set the campaign live for your customers. 

How to pause and resume the campaign?

Step 1Go to the Integrations page.

Step 2: Click on Pause campaign button to pause the campaign. 

Step 3Click on Resume button to set the campaign live again.

How to edit the campaign once published?

Step 1: Click on Edit and Test button. 

Step 2You can edit the template by clicking on the edit option.

Step 3Once the template is edited, You need to save and update the template to set it live in the campaign.

Click on Save and Update to set it live. 

Step 4: You can edit, 'Subject Line' of the campaign in the text field. 

Step 5: Next click on 'Add sender details' to edit the sender settings. 

Step 6Click on, 'Save Campaign' to set the updated campaign live.