You can use the configuration section to add conditions in the steps.

Adding conditions will enable you to show different questions to different users based on their responses. 

Step 1: Use the '+' icon to add different steps in the form.

Step 2Make sure to have options/dropdown/rating questions to enable conditions for the steps.

Step 3: After adding the steps, click on the configuration icon.

Step 4In the steps logic section, click on different steps to set the condition.  

For example:

Since this form had a dropdown question in the step 2

We have set the conditions like, If for the question, 'How likely you would purchase again' 

and if the, 'response' is equals to, 'Very Likely'

take the responder to Success page of the form

Alternatively, for the same question, if the response does not equals to Very likely, take the responder to Step 3 of the form for more question. 

Following the same process, you can configure conditions in your form and get high quality conversions form them.